Monday, 5 September 2011


About us :
The Seaside Ukulele Orchestra
or as we are sometimes called .
The Batemans Bay, Seaside Ukulele Orchestra ,
We are a growing Group.of enthusiasts, or a Ukulele Club, of people,from ..
Batemans Bay and Moruya
and local areas, of the South Coast of NSW Australia .

 Approximately .(June 2012.) 20 of us as ,keen members who have come together to ,
help and encourage, the playing and enjoyment of Music .

We are part of the world wide phenomenon , with masses of people, forming playing and teaching groups to help others do the same . rediscovering the wonderful world of sing along music..
Playing the Ukulele .

The sound of the Ukulele , can be heard now nearly everyday ."just listen to a few commercial adds on the TV and Radio ?"... Its no longer just seen as, that funny little Hawaiian Instrument ,
but is played as a key support musical Instrument in many areas of Music.

For your enjoyment ..Listen to a U tube Video clip,.. click the link ..
to see , what " The  Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain " are doing with a humble Ukulele.

Ukulele Groups , as I mentioned, are springing up all over the world. and , are becoming an informal gathering of ukulele players and would-be ukulele players.

You too ,can , also learn to enjoy playing the ukulele (  Hey ..just four strings, and four fingers )
and having some added fun .


The Purpose of this Blog Website .. is to.......

1  Give our members a central, two way communication tool
advising of current and changing events ..
being updated as need be , by our foundation members .

2  Give you as the general public,
More INFORMATION and Live links , all about Ukuleles, to
Help encourage you to become involved.. sharing our Interest amongst you .

3   Give you a Website page or " RESOURCES Tab ". to help you ,
to get more enjoyment from your new music hobby .

Things like ..Where to buy your Ukulele, the Music and Tuners,
Video .. training , live links to useful Strumming techniques etc.

4   ABOUT/CONTACT  PAGE , To Give people a means to find Us,
and our contact details , Online when ANYONE TRIES TO FIND US .
By doing a Google search .

Thanks for your Interest.. we look forward to your feedback .

 A few of the foundation members below ..  in action at  a Moruya market day .

The  Seaside Ukulele Orchestra

email , us for further details and Phone contacts.

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